Thursday, July 16, 2009

Animal Cookies Layouts - Fun to Catch Up on My Scrapbooking

I am back. After a bit of relaxing in Sunriver Oregon, I am home now and thought I would post some pictures. I got to do a LOT of scrapbooking and it felt great. My 2008 albums are completed, and I created a few layouts for 2009. It went so fast and easy because I used layouts that I had already created. All I had to do was tweak them a bit, add a couple of photo mats and my photos and I was done.

As I make layouts throughout the year, I kind of stockpile them, and then when I have time, I pick a layout and the photos and bag them up. Then when I have time to scrap, I simply grab a bag and go. This works fabulously with all my 6 and 8 page kits. I will post some finished pictures maybe later today. But for now, I will post my blank 6 page Animal Cookies workshop kits. I am happy to help you keep current on your scrapbooking using my methods as well. Just email me at with any questions. With a smile, Tina

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cute Cards from the Animal Cookies Scrapbook Papers

Hi Ladies~
Welcome to summer! I thought I would share a couple of fun cards made from some creative stamping friends of mine: Allison Grice and Tiffany Ogden. Both are fairly quick cards and make great gifts. Enjoy!