Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twisting with Twist Ties~ a new fun embellishment.

Good Morning,

Today I have a new product to introduce you too - TWIST TIES - as well as a video showing you some fun and trendy uses for these embellishments. Now when I say "twist ties", I am talking about the thingy-ma-bobbers that hold a  loaf of bread together. But... CTMH has created some that are too cute for bread and perfect for paper crafting. In today's video you will see the obvious ways to use this product, but then, as you keep watching you will see some very innovative ways to put this accessory to use for you. For example... you can use them to create your own wired ribbon, or wired washi tape or... oh, lets just let you see the video. Cool stuff here!~

With a smile~ Tina

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