Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yes, its too soon for Christmas... but I Love the Pear & Partridge Picture My Life Kit

Yes, I know it is way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but... I am still playing with the Picture My Life kits. So far I have created cards, mini-albums and traditional scrapbook pages from several of the kits... but to pace myself, I am still going to share cards created with the Pear & Partridge Picture My Life kit.

So as a reminder, this is a sampling of the kit... it includes 122 double sided cards, 10 page protectors and one 12x12 Cover page... super fun.

And of course you can scrapbook with these cards, I mean that is what they are designed for. OR... you can be a rebel and do lots of other things... like these fast, fun and cute Christmas Cards. 

 All you need is a little cardstock that matches, and some bling. I used New England Ivy, Ruby and Cashmere along with sparkles in two sizes. Check it out...
 It was so much fun I designed an entire Christmas card workshop with this kit. You can create up to 100 cards if you wanted... but for the actual class, we will be creating only 28... I don't want to overwork you all. :)
 At the workshop, not only will we be creating 28 cards, we will also do the insides as well. Most of the time it will be a stamped sentiment and some decorative cardstock... or you can get fancy and use a card on the inside too. 
Check back tomorrow for more examples!
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