Friday, September 12, 2014

Brown and Tan Glitter Paper in action!

Good Morning,

Here are some more "Glitter Paper" inspiration! Today's cards feature paper from the Brown & Tan pack. I chose to share these today because I think they are a great addition to this season's holiday stamping.  The golds go wonderfully with any fall, winter or Christmas themed creations. 

For example, the heart really stands out on this card, and ties the whole design together, don't you think?

For this Christmas card, the gold at the bottom is just what this card needed to elevate it to wow!
And on this last card, look how pretty it looks behind those flowers. The glitter paper can easily be cut on your Cricut. My recommendation is that you use the "Multi-Cut" function, with High Pressure and Medium speed to get a clean cut every time. 

Next up... the Teal Glitter paper... my absolute favorite. 

With a smile,

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