Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cute Stackable Cube Organizers

Good Morning,

So I told you about the Tilt Bin Interlocking Storage System and how much of a difference they made in my space, so today let me show you the Stackable Cube Organizers. One is just an open cube but there is a slot to slide a shelf in. One has 4 drawers and the other has an X configuration. All 3 of them can be linked together with clips that came with them, but I have not linked mine yet.

Here is how I used the bottom two containers. The X box is perfect for our new Shin Han markers. I have them seperated by colors and can easily and quickly grab the one I need. Plus, there is plenty of room to add more! I love that is stores them on their sides too, a very important thing for markers.

You can see here that I am storing my Waxi Flax and Washi Tape rolls in the drawers. Obviously if you have a gazillion rolls of this awesome stuff, like I know some of you do (smile, smile, smile), then this would not work. But for me, it works out great. Plus I think it is pretty! Overall, I am very  happy with my new organization toys from Deflecto Crafts. They do a great job!

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!
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