Monday, September 22, 2014

Deflecto Tilt Bin Interlocking Storage System... Things Are Looking So Much Better!

Good Morning,

Today I wanted to share my latest endeavors in organizing my craft space. I recently got some Tilt Bin Interlocking units from Deflecto and wait till you see what it did to my  mish mash piles of "stuff" on my desk. I literally had about 4 baskets and bins that just caught everything I didn't know where to put away... stuff like extra cricut cuts, embellishments, washi tape, ribbon etc. Let me show you:

So here is what they look like empty:

And here is what they did to my space:

 Much much better don't you think!! I can actually find things, AND I have gained more usuable workspace on my desk. I am so happy with how this turned out. Here is a close up of my filled bins. I definitely plan on getting some of these storage bins.

I have a few more organizers from Deflecto that I want to share with you so be sure to watch for those posts.

With a smile,


Janet said...

I linked to their website and found these, but there were no prices for them. How much are the bins? :o)

Tina Lovell said...

When you go to the Deflecto site, there is a spot to enter your zip code and find the retailer nearest you. I hope that helps. :)