Monday, October 27, 2014

Clips and Grips and Clamps oh my! Time to give Deflecto a Try

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing a few ways Deflecto products have made my life a little easier. As many of you know, I display a lot of cards in my workshop studio and sometimes I need more displays. Recently I received a box of goodies and one of the items were these magnetic clips. I LOVE them. Not only are they thin and inconspicuous, but the magnet on the base is super strong, and every part of the clip swivels. Let me show you.

 In the picture, you can also see that there are 2 types of bases used. One is a long rod with a magnet on the bottom while the other is a double clip. I've swiveled them a bit to show you how much leeway you have with them.

You probably also noticed my little sign in the middle. That is a Chalkboard sign that I wrote on. Here is another way I have used it in my classes.

The package came with 10 signs and a Chalk Marker to write on them with. Oh, and the cool thing... you just wash it off with water when you want to change the sign! Pretty Cool huh!

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