Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Photos Are Organized and Printed, now What?

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I am glad you have joined me for the next post in my series about "The Most Photographed Generation that has NO Photos."

Today I wanted to dive into actually doing something with all of those photos that you have taken, organized and possible printed. 

Yesterday I told you that there are 3 great approaches to memory keeping, and each is as good as the next. What it really boils down to is what YOU enjoy or prefer to do. And, you are not restricted to just one style... I personally do all 3 and mix them all into each album I create. That's just how I roll. Each has a definite pro for me, and I just roll with it. So let's jump right in.

1. Traditional Scrapbooking
This is when you take a pile of pictures, some paper, embellishments and adhesive and adhere them to a page, in any decorative way you choose, to be able to slide them into a page protector in an album. 

This can be time consuming (if you so choose), or quick and simple, if that is your style... you see, there are NO RULES. All that matters is your story... for generations to enjoy and learn from. To see a sampling of the products I use when I create layouts this way, click here

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't be. One thing that sets CTMH apart from others is the fact that we teach you how to do this. One of my favorite products is our  "How-To" programs. Not only do they give you tips and techniques for scrapbooking, they also show you several different 2 page layouts, along with cutting dimensions and layout instructions. All you do is plus in YOUR paper choice and photos. So so so helpful! 

I might be going out on a limb to say this is the most popular style of scrapbooking, but in all of my classes, this is definitely where people tend to start.

2. Digital Scrapbooking
This is the perfect medium for those who don't want to mess with physical trimming and glueing of their pages, but still want the beautiful pages that scrapbooking produces. 
Close To My Heart has a unique approach to digital scrapbooking and its through our program called Studio J. What makes this unique?

  • Its FREE to use!
  • Nothing to download
  • No updates to keep up on
  • User friendly with a step-by-step approach of clicking, dragging and dropping
  • Its affordable
  • No more ordering prints
  • Get prints in unbelievable sizes without having to pay for enlargements
  • It's designed to help you create beautiful pages using all of the CTMH Products you know and love, but in a digital format
  • Oh... and its FREE to creat an account and play. Try it now!

3. Pocket Style Scrapbooking
The third style of scrapbooking you can create with is pocket style. It is just like it sounds... sliding photos into page protectors that have pockets. The neat thing is that you can get a lot of pictures into an album, in a very memorable way using this system. How you say? Well with Picture My Life kits of course.

Picture My Life is CTMH's newest product line and it is awesome. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time you have probably heard me talk about these cards a lot... and that is because not only do a scrapbook with them, but I also use them for tons of other projects too... like cards, home decor items or even mini-albums. Let me show you what they look like:

Basically you need your photos, an album, pocket page protectors and some fun accent cards. Here is a page I did recently.... 5 pictures and 2 cards created this 5 minute page. Easy Peasy right?

 Here is a picture of all of my cards and how I store them.

And here is a picture showing you a sample of what the cards look like. This is just a small sample of all the cards that come in just one Picture My Life kit. 

This post is getting long, so I will leave you here for today. You have even more to ponder as you consider getting your photos off of a digital device and into an album. Check back for more details.

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