Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Close To My Heart Spray Pen... Have you ever used it?

Hey Everyone,

It's another Tool-Time Tuesday video for you. Today I want to share some information about the Close To My Heart Spray Pen and Re-Inkers. Many of you have probably used re-inkers before to Spray Pen.
make your dried out ink pads come back to life. But did you know you can also mix it with rubbing alcohol and use it to create beautiful artwork? All you need is the right tool to do so: The

These pens come in a pack of 3 from Close To My Heart and are super fun to play with. Simply add some rubbing alcohol, or water to the base, followed by a few drops of re-inkers and you are ready to go. You can create all kinds of hues as well as depths of colors based on the amount of re-inker you add.

And the best part... they are reusable! Simply rinse out and allow to dry when you are done with a color and it will be ready to go on your next project. Here is a short video telling you even more:

And here is some artwork showing the pen in use.

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