Thursday, May 28, 2015

Scrapbook Those Spring & Summer Photos Faster with My 6-Page Scrapbook Kits

Hi Everyone,

Today I wanted to do a short post about some of my most recently created 6-page Scrapbook Kits. The idea behind these kits is to help you get your scrapbooking done Faster, Simpler and Easier than ever by simply assembling the pages and adding photos.  Or, if you like to do most of the work yourself but find the designing part to be what slows you down, I have a solution for that too.

My kits are available two ways:
Pre-Cut and Ready to Be Assembled
Cutting Guide PDF's with Color Instructional Guides, Assembly Tips and Detail Photos...

Want to see more?
Here is an example of my Pre-Cut and Ready to Assemble Blossom 6-Page kit
Just click the link above if you want to see each layout in closer detail. But as you can see, with thekit, you will create 6 beautiful pages almost effortlessly and simply need to add photos.
 Now for those of you who like to do all the cutting yourself, I do sell my Cutting Guides. Each cutting guide comes with:

  • Cutting Guide PDF
  • Color Instructional Guide
  • Assembly and Product List
  • Detail Layout Photos Doc
  • Orginal jpg's of each photo
Here is a picture to give you an idea of the Cutting Guides.
To see ALL of the Cutting Guides available, simply click that link.

And as always, I would love to hear any questions, comments or feedback you have. 

With a smile,

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